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Drones-Assassins - Anonymous Killers of Future Presidents

By Anatoly Klepov

More and more stunning reports are coming every week from the front of the global information war. Recently another “Snowden” appeared in the United States and disclosed information about the use of drones - unmanned aerial vehicles - in combat operations. A new scandal relates not only to spying on people, but also reveals secret decision-making mechanisms the Pentagon is guided by conducting drone strikes. Reporters have learnt that not only terrorists but also innocent civilians, including children, could suffer in non-battlefield areas. At the same time the US government has claimed until recently that the army conducted only “targeted attacks” and civilians were not killed. However, the documents prove the opposite. It turns out 90% of drone strikes conducted by the US army hit unintended targets! It’s unlikely that the Americans deliberately place innocent people on kill lists, but why is the percentage of random victims killed by drones so high?

It's no secret that Americans single out most of their potential targets by means of interception and spying over mobile phones. It’s easy to “fish up” the voice of a hunted person and locate him among hundreds of millions communication network subscribers around the world. A person’s digital voice sample is unique like a fingerprint or an eye retina and it’s easy to find it with modern search software. Another thing is that an algorithm designed for a killing machine may cause tragic mistakes. For example, a terrorist may forget to take his phone with him or deliberately leave it in a public place - a hospital, school or at a market. A drone sent on a mission cannot evaluate the situation and will attack innocent civilians who happen to be near the mobile phone.

You may ask where the drone operator is at this time, why he can’t cancel the mission and save innocent people. Jeremy Scahill, a journalist, who published Edward Snowden’s and his anonymous follower’s revelations said that he’d spoken to a number of people, the main whistleblower among them, who worked on the drone program. He said drone operators often didn’t even know who their targets were. It was often a mobile phone but not the exact person.

In fact a phone acts as a blind, mindless gun layer for a drone, a blind mechanical killer. By and large, this horrifying fact indicates that humanity has entered a new era of robot wars against humans. News feeds report of ever new victims of this war.

There was another sensational report from the world of information security this week: hackers stole fingerprints of 5.6 million US government officials.

A few months ago personal data of more than 20 million federal employees were stolen from the electronic database of the US Office of Personnel. Officials have admitted that their fingerprints were among the stolen data.

Taking into consideration media reports about hackers’ ability to remotely open information using electronic fingerprint copies it becomes clear that criminals managed to gain access to sensitive files of victims who used that technology.

It seems there’s no link between these two sensational events - drones killing defenseless people and the theft of millions of fingerprint copies –and it’s impossible to draw a parallel between them. Nevertheless, the analysis of two facts shows that the ability of modern technology to remotely control computer systems is deadly dangerous for people. Biometric information based on statistics - face or fingerprints recognition - can be forged and they are no longer a completely reliable way to identify people.

Given the fact that more and more mobile phones are used to identify users’ fingerprints, it’s possible to spy on or kill a person with a drone any time anywhere even if the smartphone user doesn’t utter a single word or make any calls for a long time. Moreover, people may be in danger throughout their whole life if criminals steal copies of their fingerprints or eye retina: unlike standard passwords they cannot be changed!

Modern killer drones lack consciousness and resemble assassins, antique killers. They were taught since early childhood that they could also die killing other people. The same is true for a drone. Its main objective is to eliminate a target. It’s a machine lacking mercy or a self-preservation instinct. The mission should be fulfilled if the target is set!

Well-trained guards have a chance to stop or oppose a human killer, but even the most professional bodyguards of top state officials may not be able to ensure their security against drones in the near future.

Technology is developing, drones become smaller maintaining their power and capabilities and very soon a drone bumblebee may be created... Remember a famous fairy tale by Alexander Pushkin “Tsar Saltan”. What a surprise: Pushkin was a genius and predicted a weapon of the future two hundred years ago. What could the fairy tale bumblebee do? It could fly just like a modern drone, eavesdrop, chase and punish people, thrusting a sting in their bodies. And just like their fairytale prototype drones have another terrifying advantage over a man - full anonymity. It’s impossible to define who has sent a killer drone.

Not only personal data - machines can also be faked. For example, an unidentified drone was shot down in Turkey not so long ago. A downed manned aircraft can always be identified by a pilot inside the cockpit. But it’s impossible to understand who and where manufactured a drone copy. Any component or a whole drone can be accurately copied and masked as an American, Israeli or Russian aerial vehicle. Drones become smaller nowadays and their operation range reaches thousands of kilometers, thus attacking machines are a great threat for people. It’s a kind of danger alarm because the history of our civilization shows that sooner or later secret killing technology falls into the hands of criminals and terrorists. Why does it happen? Due to global globalization processes people are free to choose places of residence anywhere in the world. That’s what most former retired intelligence officers do. There’s no supervision any longer and as a result many of them become easy prey for all types of criminals who offer them highest-paying jobs under the guise of international private “security” companies. Former employees of special services are paid not only for their experience but also for up-to-date information they possess. Somewhere at secret terrorists’ laboratories miniature drones-assassins are probably tested. Their main objective is not only to kill certain people but to eliminate the elite of a country or even several countries at once, for example, during an international highest level summit. Today modern weapons - pistols, machine guns, cannons and air defense systems - are powerless against miniature programmable drones, so it’s possible to envisage their terrible potential danger.

International community suffers a lot of contradictions, thus there’s always a chance not only to commit an anonymous crime but blame one of the opposing sides for it. It is sure to lead to a longstanding conflict and chaos all over the world. Isn’t that exactly what international terrorists need to achieve their goals?

Theoretically, anti-drone protection will be invented sooner or later. VIP persons will wear special scaphanders or will be escorted by a horde of killer drones targeting the likes of them. It will be an absolutely different world, won’t it? Mechanisms invented for the benefit of people will become their potential killers. We open a Pandora's technology box designing such devices today and ignoring security measures. It’s one thing dealing with human killers, even serial. They can always be caught and interrogated to find out who they are and the motives of their crimes. But in the age of drone-assassins a murderer’s name and the aim of the murder cannot be found - obviously, the genocide of mankind becomes completely anonymous and unpunished. If the international community will be able to withstand this battle, it’s unlikely that on Victory Day it will be able to put true crimes customers in the prisoners’ dock at the military tribunal.

Humanity invests billions of dollars in drone development, but is it ready to face the treat? As we know hackers can pass the stolen fingerprint copies over to drones to point targets. Drones identify potential victims not only by a mobile phone, but also by fingerprints. Besides they can attack the facilities where scanning technologies are used, for example, airports, government offices, secret bases and others.

People continue developing new technologies but why don’t they give a thought how to defend against them?


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